Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

How does buying and watching a live streaming event work in practice?
(1) Choose an event from Upcoming Events
(2) You may optionally increase the price of the ticket if you want to give the artist or film crew extra support.
(3) Press "Add to Cart"
Choose "View Cart" and then "Proceed to Checkout"
(5) Fill in your information, choose your payment method and press "Place Order"
(6) You will receive a receipt and an e-mail with the link to the event page to the e-mail address you filled in. In the e-mail you can also find a link to a page where you may check beforehand that you're browser and internet connection is up to the task.
(7) Once the event is about to start, press "Watch Event" in the event e-mail.
(9) If the stream is not yet opened, you will find a countdown on the event page, counting down towards the start. When the stream is opened the counter will change to a play-button. Press that and the stream will start. If the event is due to start but you're stuck with the counter, try refreshing the page.

What if I haven't received an e-mail with the ticket or receipt?
Double-check that the e-mails from "Vanha Navetta Live" haven't ended up in your spam-folder. If you're still unable to find the e-mail, contact us at [email protected]

Which browser do you recommend for watching live streamed events?
We recommend an up-to-date version of Safari, Chrome or Firefox.