VERNERI POHJOLA DUO – livestream-konsertti

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May 31st 2020 at 7 PM (UTC+3)

Verneri Pohjola and Tuomo Prättälä have played together for two decades in a variety of projects. Now they will come together at Vanha Navetta for a live streamed concert in which they will dive deep into the middle ground between acoustic and electronic, combining acoustic, analogue and digital instruments. This will be a one-of-a-kind chance to witness these two top-class improvisers in a not-so-common setting.

Verneri Pohjola, aka “The Miles Davis of the North”, has been rewarded time and time again both as a solo artist (Pori Jazz Young Artist Of The Year 2004 etc) and as part of Ilmiliekki Quartet (Teosto Award 2004 etc). His Emma-awarded solo album Aurora (Texicalli 2009/ACT 2001) blew up the European and American jazz scene, receiving praising reviews on both continents.

Pohjola describes having been lucky in the sense that he’s always found friends with whom he's free to play in his own distinct style. One such friend is Tuomo Prättälä.

Tuomo Prättälä is best known as part of Ilmiliekki Quartet, MP4 and Bonksters, although - multitalent as he is - he’s also gained fans with his solo work and nu-soul group Quintessence as well. He was handed the Sony Jazz Award in 2007, given yearly to a young and established jazz musician, yet still relatively unknown to the larger population. His album My Thing released the same year, was recognised with an Emma award in the Hiphop, Dance or R&B Album Of The Year category.